miercuri, 28 ianuarie 2009

Improvisation classes in English

Starting March 2009 Teatrul Fără Frontiere (Theatre Without Borders), one of the first Romanian independent theatre companies, is teaching improvisation classes in English. Being the first of its kind in Bucharest, the course intends to create an opportunity for foreigners to spend their free time in a creative and entertaining way.

Based on Keith Johnstone’s improvisation techniques and exercices, the classes aim to make the participants explore their creativity, intuition, confidence, capacity of collaboration, flexibility and leadership. Improvisation gathers people to play. Playing is a natural way to focus attention, explore new ideas without the fear of consequences. Improvisation is about fun, self adjustment and collaboration, allowing players to develop their own voice and artistic qualities while supporting each other in a familiar and relaxed environment.

Teatrul Fără Frontiere has an extensive experience in this field, organising for years improvisation classes (in Romanian) for both non-professionals and professionals.

The classes are open for anyone interested, regardless age or any previous experience in this domain. The only requirement is a good knowledge of spoken English.

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